Macro-regional empirical analysis of the economic climate in Visegrad countries

Studia Obszarów Wiejskich (2015)
Tom 39 - Post-agricultural rural space of the Visegrad countries: economies, entrepreneurship and policies
Strony: 49-58
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Economic climate, defined as a general characterization of the overall mood of economy which captures the status of the stock market, the perception of the economy by consumers, and the availability of jobs and credit, is discussed in this paper. Since broad spectrum of key players in society associate economic development with entrepreneurship, the perception of individuals and entrepreneurs on latter within Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia is researched. Source data on entrepreneurial attitudes, perceptions, activities and entrepreneurship framework conditions are taken from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2014, in order to conduct comparative analysis of mentioned four countries between themselves and in comparison with the EU averages. This analysis shows the overall economic climate for entrepreneurship on the country level.

Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization\Polish Academy of Sciences
Twarda 51/55, 00–818 Warsaw